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Bayside Chiropractic Collective Video Guides

Helpful Educational Resources

Please find a selection of helpful educational resources below, including videos for useful stretches, daily exercises routines, as well as other useful health & wellbeing information from Bayside Chiropractic Collective.

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Daily Exercise: Cat/Cow Stretch

Cat/cow stretch is a great daily stretch for spinal mobilisation and core strengthening. This stretch can help to reduce lower and mid back tension

Daily Exercise: Thoracic Extension

The Thoracic extension stretch over a foam roller or posture pole is a great controlled way to stretch and increase mobility in your thoracic spine (the middle section of your back). If you sit at a desk all day for work or spend a lot of time driving this is the stretch for you!

Daily Exercise: Pectoral Stretch Using Foam Roller

By using your foam roller or posture pole to do this stretch it helps to open up the front of your shoulders. The stretch and lengthening of your pectoral muscles will promote better posture and relaxation through the mid back. To enhance this stretch practice deep breathing exercises at the same time. Breathe deep into your diaphragm and exhale.

Daily Exercise: Child’s Pose

The Child’s pose stretches the spine particularly into the lower back. This stretch can also assist with hip and ankle mobility and increase circulation to your head. Combining this stretch with deep diaphragm breathing can be quite relaxing.


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